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Just a small collection of jokes and other pleasantry to ensure good spirits!

About My Website

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Seeing the prettiest girl within the entire Universe cry will bring a Man to his knees.
... worse yet, helplessly behind a pane of glass.

Believe and all things will be possible.  Never again to fail or waver.
... God help me if I'm ever stuck with Windows again.

For girls trying to understand men, acquire "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage - DVD by Mark Gungar ASIN: 1599754169, Rated G" or sometimes broadcasted on "Focus on the Family" AM/FM radio show.

When an Alaskan states they were up all night bear hunting, they're really stating that they were up all night searching for their teddy bear.

Take two (or more) home made truffles with a cup of pumpkin spiced coffee and call me in the morning.  Yes, I finally learned how to make you love me.

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